Being the Best at What You Do Means Nothing If You Can’t Clearly Communicate Why Your Audience Should Pay for It.

If your marketing message doesn’t clearly show them why you’re the best fit to help them…

And it doesn’t clearly show them why your strategy and skillset is uniquely perfect for their situation…

And it doesn’t illustrate the path of going from where they are to where they want to be (with you and your program as their guide)…

Why would they pay to work with you?

There are hundreds if not thousands of people who do something “kinda like” what you do.

And without a crystal clear message that persuades them to see that your unique approach is the absolute best choice for them…

They will not choose you.

This is why you need to thoroughly understand what make your message clear, persuasive, compelling and unique to your audience.

A Unique Message is the Foundation
to Capturing the Attention, Heart and Wallet of
Your Ideal Audience


Your Brand Values aka what you stand for


The Archetype Influence Miz aka What makes you irresistible


The Experience Story Sequence aka what makes you trustworthy

USE Case

Your Unique Solution Expertise aka your overall strategy


Your Irresistible Offer aka how you transform clients


Your Rich Niche aka the problem you solve

When Platforms Grow Old, Best Practices Become Outdated, And the Business World Shifts, Clear and Consistent Messaging Will Stand the Test of Time

Success in entrepreneurship is built on how well you communicate why someone should spend money with you aka messaging.

Messaging is the foundation of everything in business.

And if you’re not seeing the type of cashflow, fulfillment or success you want, it’s because you haven’t found the sweet spot to your unique message.

But that’s not what it feels like. What actually happens is:

  • Something just doesn’t feel right about your message. It might make sense but it doesn’t fully resonate with you
  • Making space to work on your message, then doing something else because it’s just so hard to distill your uniqueness into a single, cohesive sentence
  • Having sales conversations that start well but not knowing how to tie into a the actual sales part without feeling weird about it
  • Having sales conversations that end with people saying, “I’ll get back to you,” but then they never do
  • Developing persona after persona but not being able to actually find and test your message with them
  • Writing tons of social posts to attract more clients then not seeing any type of meaningful feedback
  • Seeing other people in your industry succeed, replicating what they do but not feeling in alignment with what you’re talking about
  • Hours of staring at a computer screen, asking yourself, “what should I talk about?”
  • Or the opposite, writing a bunch of content but not knowing how to directly tie it back to your offer

Basically, what you’re doing feels hard, isn’t producing results and it’s just a frustrating experience.


Every single entrepreneur goes through the process of figuring out what resonates, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

This means we can:

  1. Look at what worked for others to avoid the mistakes they made
  2. And model what leaders in your industry have done to create results

By taking best practices of what works then molding them to fit your uniqueness, we can consistently refine the message that makes people notice, need and want what you have to offer.

The only premium group at an approachable cost who has one mission:

Helping you communicate your unique message so well, your dream clients say YES to your offers and services, on demand.

The Focus of This Program is Simple:

Get so crystal clear on your message that you can skillfully & persuasively turn any conversation into a sales conversation.

Here we believe in one simple idea:

Business success is based on being able to clearly and consistently communicate why people should pick you.

Naturally, the main thing we focus on in this program is how to communicate why YOU are worth the hard-earned money of your client.

We break down the ethereal complexities of messaging into simple, easy to understand concepts that can be easily implemented into your business.


(Consistently uncover a clearer understanding of your Unique Message)

The core of this program is weekly coaching to make sure you’re continuously refining your message, so it’s clearer, more succinct, sharper and commands attention in every conversation.

There are 3 key focuses in each weekly call.

1. Uncover a deeper understanding of your Unique Message.

2. Immediately implement this deeper understanding into an area of your business.

3. Experience accomplishment energy for doing the hard work required to succeed.

We like to think of this weekly coaching as having a personal trainer to guide you as you strengthen your messaging muscle every single week.

Everything else in this mastermind is built to compliment the results you experience in this weekly call.


(Consistently uncover a clearer understanding of your Unique Message)

Our curriculum is meant to give you additional support to uncover then build the different structures to more effectively share your message.

From messaging to sales structures to lead magnets to email sequences, we dig through every single area that requires messaging to be successful.

Our robust, well-rounded approach to implementing a business model specific to your lifestyle & values is what makes our curriculum so effective.

With over 47 hours of training in technology, landing page development, sales scripts, setting clear goals and scaling the business up, this wealth of action-based training will provide incredible value.

Orientation5 Modules00:25:00
Our Certified Confidently Coach will walk you through how to use this program to create the business results you desire.
Unique Message Model: Values4 Modules00:46:51
Align your message with the values you stand for. Make it clear you’re the type of values-driven leader that cares about creating a social impact AND making money.
Unique Message Model: AIM2 Modules00:44:02
Define what makes your business incredibly attractive to your audience. In these overcrowded internet streets, being seen as having a unique solution is key to attracting the dream clients you desire.
Unique Message Model: TESS3 Modules00:33:29
Identify the stories that demonstrate your professional expertise & life experiences. These stories help your audience to know, like and trust you’re a real expert who can help solve their problems.
Unique Message Model: Offer2 Modules00:23:49
At the end of the day, people buy solutions. Here you’ll refine your offer to build it into something that will solve the deepest problem your audience struggles with.
Unique Message Model: USE Case2 Modules00:22:21
People want to understand the strategy behind solving their problem. This thought process is critical to them seeing themselves go through the process of working with you to solve their problem
Unique Message Model: Riche Niche 1 Modules00:28:00
Clarify the core problem your audience struggles with. Understanding this problem is the key to positioning yourself at the top of your audience’s mind.
Strategic Basecamp 8 Modules03:34:23
In order to hit your goals you must have an accurate understanding of the “Point A” you’re starting from. Here you’ll set realistic business goals, map out what’s required to achieve them and set boundaries around what’s worth focusing on, and more importantly, what isn’t.
Create Your Perfect Program 4 Modules05:00:00
At the end of working with clients, you want to have an offer ready to keep them working with you. Here you’ll learn the step-by-step plan to create great, easy to sell offers by quickly building & testing your ideas in a way that gets you paid and conserves your resources.
Launch It Together 25 Modules01:36:00
Launching is the concentrated effort to create momentum to grow your business in leaps and bounds. Here you’ll learn the most effective way to launch your Perfect Program so you can get it in front of as many of the right people as possible. This step-by-step guide takes you through 25 days of micro-wins to get your offer fully built and out into the world.


(More in-depth training to consistently & confidently share your message)

Mindset15 Modules02:10:28
Mindset is the most critical asset in building a business. Here you’ll develop the mindset that successful people embody to show up motivated and inspired, even when the process gets hard, so you can serve and impact at the highest level possible in alignment with your goals and mission.
Messaging8 Modules01:51:06
A clear message that communicates the value you provide and what makes you different is critical in today’s noisy world. Here you’ll learn to share stories that enroll clients by developing the message that speaks to your audience's deepest desires.
Marketing19 Modules05:51:52
A system that consistently moves people from, “I have no idea who you are,” to, “I’m paying you right now,” makes enrolling clients much easier. Here you’ll learn to create a marketing system that builds trust with your audience.
Monetization9 Modules01:17:54
Enrolling clients into actually paying you money is the skill that will make you a lot of money. Here you’ll learn a structure to have deep, heartfelt conversations with prospects to enroll them into paying you money so you can help them solve their problems.
Systems Library12+ Modules02:00:00+
The best businesses run on predictable, time efficient standard operating procedures that get things done as effectively as possible. Here you’ll get access to every tool, system, process, swipe file, and mind map we’ve successfully used in our business. We continue to add to this library quarterly as we test and perfect new business strategies.


(Copy and paste strategies to get more results for less effort)

Track Your Success4 Modules02:30:58
Success comes to those who are able to change what didn’t work and tweak what did work so it works better, faster, and cheaper. Here you’ll learn to identify and measure the areas of your business that when improved will create massive results.
Yes Machines!3 Modules02:13:36
The exact project plans, campaign briefs,email/video/social media swipe copy for what our team has launch-tested and client-approved in the 3 YES MACHINES (Challenges, Webinars, and Live Events) we use to market and sell our expertise online and offline.
Trust Funnel1 Module06:00:00
A high-converting sales strategy built on demonstrating that your business is trustworthy. In this workshop you’ll learn to and build a trust-infused sales funnel.
Strategic Power Plan2 Modules06:00:00
An in-depth workshop for Experts who want to achieve predictable success online with clarity and confidence, even in an unpredictable world. Here you’ll build a clear plan that maps out what’s absolutely necessary for you to make $10k+ each month.
Copywriting Confidently1 ModuleN/A
Copywriting is the most important skill in the entire world of business building. Here you’ll learn to craft the words that get your audience to hop up out their seat to jump with joy because they found someone who finally gets them.
Branding Confidently1 ModuleN/A
If you want your visual assets to match the essence of your message and marketing, you need to take inventory of what your brand stands for so you can create graphics on your own and/or direct a graphic designer to help you translate it. We give you the same Aesthetics Assessment we use whenever we onboard a graphic designer on our team, which helps us communicate what we desire much more clearly.

Our Unique Messenger Community

(Or should we say the best community in the entire online universe?)

Entrepreneurship is lonely.

“Normal people,” don’t understand the burning desire we have to be in charge of our lives. They value security and stability over control and freedom so asking them for advice usually does more harm than good.

Which is why it’s so important to be surrounded by people who get it. The Messenger Mastermind is filled with people from all walks of life, race, ethnicity & professional experience.

Here we’re all tied together by one simple idea – the desire to help people solve real problems in their lives and make a lot of money for doing it.

Our community is a place full of lifelong friendships, professional colleagues, referral partners and even new clients.

You’ll fit right in. #StrongerTogether

Quarterly In-Person Events

(Quarterly events to jumpstart your momentum)

The world of business is always changing.

Businesses that succeed are aware of this, paying tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants who specialize in identifying what’s coming next and implementing cutting edge best practices.

(Which will be included in this program for no additional cost.)

Values-Driven Alignment2 each year
Your values are at the core of everything you do. When you operate from your values, things are easy, happen quickly and feel effortless. Our goal is to keep you operating from your values every single day.
Million Dollar Experience2 each year
Live events are the most effective way to make a ton of money for relatively little effort. Using our proprietary method, our clients consistently fill rooms with 10-20 potential clients then convert 50% into becoming clients. We don’t exaggerate when we say you can make $100k in a single weekend, then do it again every single month.

Time Commitment

Client success is the only thing we care about. To best support our clients, we recommend the following time allocation when participating in this program.

0.5 hours: Planning the most important things to get done for the week

1 hour: To attend the Weekly Power Hour

0.5 hours: Self paced implementation sprint (we recommend doing this as soon the Weekly Power Hour is done)

2 hours: Learning new concepts, structures, systems, etc in the curriculum

2 hours: Applying new concepts, structures, systems, etc. in your business

0.5 hours: Asking questions & seeking feedback within the community

1 hour: Of doing nothing to let your mind wander / meditate / download / spiritual guidance / ponder / whatever about your message

That’s a total of 7.5 hours of work inside of this program.

While you’re welcome to do more, there are many things that pull at the attention of business owners. Our goal is to get you results as quickly and effectively as possible.



(Payment options available as well)

12-Months of Access:

  • Weekly group coaching & co-working sessions
  • Monthly group strategy & structure consulting sessions
  • Unlimited access to the Core Curriculum materials
  • Unlimited access to the Resource Library materials
  • Unlimited access to the Systems to Scale materials
  • Unlimited access to the Messenger Mastermind community
  • Discounted access to ALL in-person events

Have Questions About How the Messenger Mastermind Will Help Your Specific Situation?

We’re more than happy to answer any question you have!

We’re only interested in working with entrepreneurs who are an ideal fit for this mastermind. Collecting money from people means nothing if we can’t deliver an insane amount of practical value that leads to increased business success.

After all, what’s the point of a business mastermind if it doesn’t lead to dramatic business success?

Schedule a 15-minute call to see if this is the right mastermind for you.

Simple. Effective. Persuasive.
Customized to Your Unique Experience

Many business programs on the internet hold back critical information necessary for success. Or it’s filled with fluff that makes their clients feel good but doesn’t actually lead to real business results.

It keeps people stuck in the belief cycle that is, “If I just buy [insert name here] and learn [insert business tactic here], it will fix all my problems.”

More often than not, it only leads to what we call “The Dropbox Cemetery,” where the Business Gurus make a profit, and clients are left wondering what to do next.

That’s not how the Messenger Mastermind works.

The only thing we care about is helping you to refine your message to attract more of the right people. We’re here to guide you towards your business goals as effectively as possible.

If it doesn’t help you better communicate your Unique Message, then we don’t care about it.

To Sum it All Up, This Mastermind is About Helping You to Get Crystal Clear on Your Message so You Always Have the Words to Turn Any Conversation into a Sales Opportunity

Here’s a punch list of typical outcomes people achieve when in this mastermind:

  • Create a winning 1:1 offer that pays you great money and transforms your clients lives
  • Building a scalable one to many offer thats sold before you build it
  • Getting crystal clear on what problem you solve and who’s the best fit to work with you
  • Understanding how to tell stories that lead back to your offer
  • Simplifying how you communicate the value you create for clients
  • Building a simple 5-part sales system to keep your sales calendar full
  • Launching a cohesive lead magnet that converts new lead into new clients on a weekly basis
  • Aligning your business model with the lifestyle you truly desire
  • Setting a business foundation to bring on operational support
  • A simple sales script to have dignified conversation that convert
  • Laying the foundation for paid advertising on Facebook, Google, Youtube, and tiktok

And most importantly, unshakeable confidence that you can always communicate why your unique approach is the best choice for our audience.

Imagine bringing the best of every marketing & messaging, mastermind, program, course and coaching experience that people pay tens of thousands of dollars for each year…

Into a single location, for a fraction of the price.

We know – it’s wild.

Meet the Creator of
The Messenger Mastermind


Forbes’ #1 Brand Strategist in the World Known for Elevating Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries into Unique Messengers

If you’re anything like me, you’re passionate about many things…

And you know that there’s a way that they can all be combined together to elevate yourself to be a respected leader – the next Someone – who makes a ton of money.

You just haven’t quite figured it out yet.

I see you, Multi-Hyphenate Leader.

You’re sick and tired of fumbling through the newest funnel, stressing over what to post on social media and figuring out how to get your people to spend money with you.

You want the RIGHT message that beckons to the RIGHT people who see you, trust you and pay you.

The message that spreads like wildfire, putting your name in the mouth of influential people all around the world.

The message that encompasses all of the things you’re passionate about…

Your Unique Message.

Knowing your unique message, inside and out, then clearly & consistently sharing it eliminates all confusion because you know what people need to hear to be moved to action.

Which is the whole point of the Messenger Mastermind.

If you’ve followed my track record, you’ll see that I’ve been turning up and coming multi-hyphenate leaders into industry leaders since 2013…

And while I’d love to take all the credit, the truth is these people already knew they had something great to offer the world.

I just gave them a structure of this mastermind to shape, test and refine their Unique Message.

So if that’s what you want, join us.

is for you?

If the thing that holds you back from making the money you want and living the life you desire is not being 100% certain that every word out of your mouth will get you new clients – they yes, it is.

Who The Messenger Mastermind is NOT For

The Messenger Mastermind is NOT For You If:

  • Believe deep down that your expertise & experience can’t solve people’s problems
  • Like to learn but don’t like to take action
  • Are more committed to being perfect instead of being enough
  • Prefer to sit in confusion instead of finding a solution
  • Have spent money on other programs and are jaded about what you can achieve
  • Believe you can’t make $7,500 over the next 180 days following our proven framework to cover the cost of your investment

We wish you luck on finding a support system because this program is NOT for you.


How long will it take for me to see results?
A participant who is brand new to the world of entrepreneurship (specifically; no real entrepreneurial experience, undefined offer, no list, no marketing or sales assets) typically begins to see monetary results around day 69.

A participant who has some entrepreneurial experience (specifically; an offer that’s sold less than 10 times, a social media following & list that combines for less than 1,000 people, some marketing & sales assets exist) typically begins to see monetary results around day 55.

A participant who has proven entrepreneurial experience (specifically; an offer that’s sold more than 20 times at full price in a 12mo period, a social media following & list that combines for 5,000 people, proven marketing & sales assets) begins to see monetary results around day 31.

A participant who has significant experience (specifically; an offer that’s old more than 50 times at full price in a 12mo period, a social media following & list that combines for 12,000 people, proven marketing & sales assets) begins to see monetary results around day 22.

However, the speed at which results happen is based on how focused you are on consistently working through the materials AND implementing what you develop into your business.

What’s an “expert-based online business?”
An expert-based business is one in which the offer provided is based on your professional experience. This is packaged in ways such as consulting, coaching, training, teaching, creative, freelancing and it includes topics such as personal & professional development, playing the guitar, knitting, barbering hair, massage therapy, cooking, and group learning experiences to name a few.
Am I on my own here? Is this a DIY course? Do I get any type of support?
While the curriculum itself is self-paced, we have weekly coworking sprints to focus where your time and energy is spent. You can ask questions in the community where you’ll be supported by other students as well as faculty.
Will I fit into The Messenger Mastermind?
Absolutely. Entrepreneurship is lonely. “Normal people,” like friends and family don’t understand the burning desire we have to be in charge of our lives. They value security and stability over control and freedom. In fact, relying on them for advice & support usually undermines our confidence.

That’s where our community comes in. We’ve people from all walks of life, race, ethnicity & professional experience, all tied together by one simple idea – the desire to help people solve problems and make a lot of money doing it. Our community has become a place full of lifelong friendships, professional colleagues, referral partners and even new clients.

You’ll fit right in. #StrongerTogether

I’ve taken {insert big name course here}. Do I really need The Messenger Mastermind?
Potentially. Most courses teach a specific skill such as social media marketing or course creation. The issue is these skills are taught in a silo meaning they’re taught to be done, not taught to support your overall business goals. Without a clear throughline of how the course leads to your end goal, these courses tend to be distractions that appear useful but ultimately undermine your efforts.

In The Messenger Mastermind we break down every single thing that needs to be done in order of priority to achieve your goals. It’s an entire system broken down into individual steps to package, market and sell your professional expertise & personal experience.

Is this a membership or subscription program?
Yes. This is an annual mastermind & group coaching program.
Is there an opportunity to get live 1:1 coaching or consulting in this program?
Yes. You can purchase 1:1 coaching in 3-month or 6-month packages for $3,750 or $7,500 respectively
Do I already need to have a web site and/or social media profiles set up?
No. We’ll walk you through the process of identifying the tool most supportive of your goals then rolling out the strategy to fully maximize it.
Is this program just for new(ish) entrepreneurs?
No. This program has helped 5, 6 & 7-figure earners refine their marketing & sales systems to generate more results for less effort.
Will this work for me if I’m already making 6-figures or more in my business?
Yes. This program will help you to refine and fine tune core areas of business like your message, marketing mechanism and sales flow to generate more results for less effort.
What if I have a product-based or e-commerce business? Will this program help me?
Maybe. If your business is only staying in physical products then this is not an ideal fit for your needs.

However if your goal is to combine products with your professional experience to create a result, then this will work.

Examples of this include:

  • Being a reiki practitioner who sells crystal to lengthen results from energy work
  • Being a confidence coach who sell lipstick as a tool to remind clients they’re confident
  • Being a knitting facilitator who sells yarn & knitting templates to help clients practice their technique
  • Being a yoga instructor who sells guided meditations to provide clients opportunities to clear their energy between sessions
Will this work if I have a brick and mortar business?
Maybe. If your brick and mortar only sells physical products such as clothing or crystals, and you’d like to keep it that way, it is not an ideal fit for your needs.

If your brick and mortar sells professional services such as massage, energy work, dance & acrobatics, yoga, barbering or some other service, this program will help you to generate more traffic online and in-person.

How much time should I expect to commit to finish the program?
We recommend a total of 7.5 hours each week

  • 0.5hr: Planning the most important things to get done for the week
  • 1hr: To attend the Weekly Power Hour
  • 0.5hr: Self paced implementation sprint (we recommend doing this as soon the Weekly Power Hour is done)
  • 2hr: Learning new concepts, structures, systems, etc in the curriculum
  • 2hr: Applying this new information directly into your business
  • 0.5hr: Asking questions & seeking feedback within the community
  • 1hr: Of doing nothing to let your mind wander / meditate / download / spiritual guidance / ponder / whatever about your message
How long do I have access to the program?
You’ll receive 12-months of access or lifetime access depending on which package you purchase.
How long do I get access to the community?
You have 12-months of access or lifetime access depending on which package you purchase
Do I have to be tech-savvy to succeed in the program?
No. You do need basic technology skills like how to use your phone, your computer and the willpower to stumble through new things. The strategies we implement in regards to technology, automation, integration, etc is as basic as possible to make it easy for clients to understand it.
What’s your refund policy?

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. We understand that this program may be a moment of realization for those who believed entrepreneurship was their calling.

Here are the requirements to be eligible for a refund:
If, after you enroll into this program, you aren’t 100% satisfied with the value it provides, simply send an email to the support team 1) within the first 30-days of enrolling into this program and, 2) include the completed worksheets for modules 1-15.

Once received you’ll be immediately issued a 100% refund No questions asked.

We’re not interested in holding people’s money hostage when they no longer believe in themselves.



(Payment options available as well)

12-Months of Access:

  • Weekly group coaching & co-working sessions
  • Monthly group strategy & structure consulting sessions
  • Unlimited access to the Core Curriculum materials
  • Unlimited access to the Resource Library materials
  • Unlimited access to the Systems to Scale materials
  • Unlimited access to the Messenger Mastermind community
  • Discounted access to ALL in-person events

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